Symphonic Poem No. 6 "Mazeppa"

Piano solo arr. Ludwig Stark

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Symphonic Poem No. 6 "Mazeppa" Piano solo arr. Ludwig Stark Rating: 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.
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Publisher: Breitkopf und Härtel (Leipzig), 1880s. Plate V.A. 541.

O Symphonic Poem No. 6 "Mazeppa"

Franz Liszt's Transcendental Étude No. 4 in D minor, "Mazeppa", is the fourth Transcendental Étude, and is a highly difficult and virtuosic staple of the Romantic Era repertoire. It was inspired by Victor Hugo's dramatically morbid poem "Mazeppa", in which a Ukrainian page named Mazeppa is strapped onto a horse and the horse is set free to gallop, resulting in the critical condition of both the horse and Mazeppa. At the end, Mazeppa is crowned king.
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