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Phra Chenduriyang (Piti Vādyakara) (Thai: พระเจนดุริยางค์ (ปิติ วาทยะกร), rtgs: Piti Wathayakon; born as Peter Feit, 13 July 1883; died 25 December 1968) was a Thai composer, conductor, music teacher, collector and arranger. He was the son of a German-American immigrant (Jacob Feit or Veit) and a Mon-Thai mother. However, he never left Thailand and identified as "100 percent Thai". He composed the Thai National Anthem.
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Other names

Piti Wathayakon, Peter Jenduriiyang, Phra Chen Duriyang, ปิติ วาทยะกร, th:พระเจนดุริยางค์